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Affordable family and wellness care for just about any budget!

Affordable family and wellness care for just about any budget!

Affordable family and wellness care for just about any budget!Affordable family and wellness care for just about any budget!


D. Palmer, McKinney, TX

I intend this to be the strongest Yelp Review I ever write. Dr. Dan Fleishman is one of the top two chiropractors I have ever known and the other one is retired so that makes him the current best. I go to get adjusted as often as I can make it to the office. His pricing is affordable enough to include chiropractic in your lifetime health care routine. Monthly fee for me and my wife for whatever we need. We're in and out quickly in just about five or ten minutes for both of us. But most importantly is how truly amazing and talented of a doctor he is. My wife and I have been patients for probably five years now. I've walked into the office in pain and walked out feeling great. The RIGHT chiropractor is essential. I've gone to a couple of other chiropractors who weren't anything even close to Dr. Dan. I've also been skeptical a couple of times and Dr. Dan showed me very clearly that, well, let's just say I simply now just follow his advice because he's basically 100% right 100% of the time. Dr. Dan is part of our health and wellness routine. We seriously considered the proximity of our new house to his office when deciding where to live. I go to Dr. Dan to STAY healthy. He's our #1 doctor. THE BEST. He's not covered under our insurance and we don't care. It's affordable and very, very worth it. Thank God for Dr. Dan!! And on top of all that he's a great guy too. We recommend him as our highest recommendation of any product and service in our lives. I am so glad we found Dr. Dan!!

Janise P. Allen, TX

I was having constant headaches and lower back pain. After a few weeks of going to Dr. Dan, 2-3 times a week, my headache frequency was less and my lower back felt so much better. It's amazing the improvement on how I feel in general. Dr. Dan is very professional and takes time to actually LISTEN to you. I highly recommend going to Life Force Chiropractic!  

J. Beck, Plano, TX

Many people are still skeptical about Chiropractic care, I used to be one of them. Until over 5 years  ago we met Dr. Dan, I had a terrible allergy condition that made life miserable.  After the first couple of adjustments, I could tell a difference and was soon off my allergy meds.  And it felt so great, relaxing, and reviving.  It helps your body to restore itself.
I suggest trying it and especially going to Dr. Dan, he is professional, friendly, and cares about your health.

Cindy W. Allen, TX

Dr. Dan has done wonders for my neck and back. I had been plagued with migraines. After so many years of trying to identify what was causing my old injury to act up, I found two of them through Dr. Dan's work.  My migraines have pretty much disappeared due to weekly adjustments and also a new pillow. I had used and bought MANY pillows, and I was skeptical.  Within a few days, that pillow turned my life around. I am not gritting my teeth in the morning when I open my eyes - I feel good.  Dr. Dan is so sincere and really spends time listening and addressing your issue at the pace you are willing to go to improve your life.  I am very thankful.  


While in California a few days ago, I had my first and hopefully last episode of vertigo. Doctor Dan talked with me prior to me getting on the plane to fly home to Allen and he treated me the next morning.  He did a few ear adjustments along with upper back and neck, etc. And immediately, the vertigo subsided.  It went from feeling like there was an earthquake to just light spinning if I bent my head upside down.  It was a radical change. Great treatment and great attitude.

Leslie C. Addison, TX

Dr. Dan is working on repairing some long term problems of mine, and he always finds other ways that he can help me with miscellaneous problems when I am there.  He does a great job!  

Niki H. Dallas, TX

When I first started getting Chiropractic care, my neck was so messed up it would lock up in the middle of the night when I was sleeping. And when I sat down, my hips would lock up and it was hard to stand and get moving. Thanks to Dan, I have full mobility again and my main problem now is some lower back pain. If you have a chronic issue, Dan will slowly and methodically work though it without causing you pain.  

Dianna K. Richardson, TX

I've been going to Life Force Chiropractic for over a year now and I have had great results! Dr. Dan is the best Chiropractor ever! And I have seen quite a few. He ordered me a pillow that will help the curve in my neck, I would have never thought my pillow could be the root of my neck problem. I also did this body flush he recommend for me and I absolutely loved it. I figured out things that I am allergic to and lost weight as well. I highly recommend Dr Dan!  

Cissy L, Plano, TX

Conscientious and determined to create a wellness for his clients, Dr. Dan Fleishman considers the whole person.  Dr. Dan, as we call him, studies the past, present, mind and complaints to find the best progression of healing.  

My experience with Dr. Dan has been successful through the achievement of weight loss, balance (no longer using a cane to steady myself) back recovery and best of all I've noticed any colds, allergies, etc., are short lived and take much less time for recovery.  I am happy to say that I can also move around quickly and very few people need to slow their pace while walking with me.  

Dr. Dan is a family chiropractor who enjoys helping all ages in all stages of life. 

Mystery S, Plano, TX

Dr. Dan is the best Chiropractor I have ever seen! In his office there is just one table, so he isnt bouncing back and forth from one paitent to another. You have his full attention during your appointment. I value this individualized treatment. He also takes the time to explane everything to you and does'nt have a problem answering additional questions you may have. I have seen quite a few chiropractors in my time and in my book this one is the best!

Heather P, Plano, TX

The best chiropractor I've ever had. I've been to quite a few due to athletic injuries and I've never been cared for the way Dr. Dan cares for his patients! So thankful for him!